Learn to Wakeboard in a safe relaxed supportive environment


Port Haverigg Wakepark is the perfect place to learn how to get up on a wakeboard for the first time. A fun sociable way for anyone of any ablity to take to the water. A great tool for beginners and children, the upward pull of the cable makes it easy to get up and out of the water.

The cable is controlled by a remote control that has variable speed which can be dialed down to the slowest possible speed to get each individual rider on top of the water.

The Wakestation is a safe and friendly way to learn to ride; with one to one communication with the instructor at every stage,               we aim to improve skills and confidence with every session.


Our Wakestation has 9.85m pylons with a third cable Smart-Tensioning system making for one of the most consistent & smoothest pulls you will find in the UK, benefitting everyone from total beginners to advanced riders throwing air tricks & flips or sessioning the rails and kickers.

It is proving a great hit for the kiteboarding community, from learning how to establish safe board control before taking to the seas to the advanced riders using the high pull to polish off air tricks..perfect when there is not enough wind to kitesurf.                                                                          

                                               Snowboarders also enjoy the benefits of a rail park out of season.

                    The cable is the most cost effective way to wakeboard, we will provide everything you need to get you started.



                         The Wakepark is available for a private party hire, group sessions, birthday parties.                                                                                          


                                                                              Bookings: 07895 363 482




                                                                                Gift vouchers available

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The WakePark